Meet the Team

Mariane Mousa, Chief Executive Officer

Mariane is currently attending Dulles High School in Houston, Texas as a junior. She has taken on this role and the responsibility of this website in an attempt to give back to more than the community- to the world. After visiting refugee camps in Palestine and Jordan in the summer of 2014, she realized how little many children around the world have. This eye-opening experience has taught her to not only be more thankful but to also take action to change as many lives as she can. However, she would be incredibly honored to change just one life. Furthermore, Mariane plans to use this website to give children around the world opportunity to break the cycle of poverty and create better lives for themselves and, eventually, their future children as well.

Jonathan Fu, Chief of Public Relations

Jonathan is currently a junior at Dulles High School in Houston, Texas. As a compassionate individual, he enjoys spending his free time by giving back to his community. Throughout his life, he has traveled to numerous poverty-stricken communities around the world, which range from the tropical rain forests of Hawaii to the rural hills of China. As a result, his firsthand experiences with many disadvantaged children has given him determination and hope to support as many as he can through this organization. In addition, Jonathan works to spread awareness in order to inspire others in the future to join the fight to help children around the globe living in poverty.

Pilar Ibarra, Chief of Technology

Pilar Ibarra is currently a junior in Dulles High School in Houston, Texas. Having lived in Mexico for eight years, Pilar has witnessed the vast and overpowering presence of poverty and wealth disparity in her home country first-hand. Soon after participating in mission trips to rural areas in Mexico, Pilar became determined to give in the ways that she could, which included time, love, and effort, to help disadvantaged children around the world. Through 100words, Pilar hopes to help spread the stories of children who struggle with poverty every day.